Phil Pastorek

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Professional Summary

Deep subject matter technologist with over 20 years of hands on experience with the architecture, management, and building of web applications in a variety of organizations for both UX/UI and server side development.

Technology Tool Belt

  • User Interface

    • AngularJS
    • Vue.js
    • ReactJS
    • HTML5 / CSS3
    • Javascript
    • JQuery
    • AJAX / JSON / REST
    • PhoneGap / Ionic
    • Handlebars / Mustache
    • Foundation / Bootstrap
    • Section 508 Compliance
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Server Development

    • NodeJS / ExpressJS
    • Micro Service Development
    • PHP
    • Wordpress
    • MySQL / SequelizeJS
    • PERL
    • XML / RSS
  • DevOps

    • Linux Administration
    • Windows Server
    • Apache / NGINX
    • GIT / SVN / RSYNC
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Shell Scripting
    • Jenkins
    • Jira


Contract - Senior Front-End Developer

Washington Post, Washington D.C.
Jul 2018 - Present

Build out of custom features and layouts in the ARC Publishing platform with ReactJS.

Javascript HTML5 ReactJS CSS3 GIT JSON / REST SASS Agile
Technical Lead

KnifeCenter, Fredericksburg, Va
Feb 2016 - Jun 2018

Oversee management of technology at KnifeCenter. Manage the development teams, oversaw and participated in the development of the company's next generation e-commerce platform, as well as maintained it's existing platform.

Professional highlights at KnifeCenter included:

  • Established best practices, secured checkout and logging mechanisms to bring the company closer to PCI compliance.
  • Managed and participated in the maintenance of the existing infrastructure.
  • Resolved many critical issues with the company's aging infrastructure.
  • Consolidated internal and external technical services the company uses to streamline the technology budget.
  • Managed a team of developers and creative.
  • Oversaw build and migration of existing e-commerce platform to Magento 2 with external vendors.
  • Created replacement credit card processing and shipping estimate utilities in NodeJS as well as many back end admin utilities with ReactJS, VueJS, MySQL and MSSQL.
  • Mentored and reviewed team members. Lead by serving their needs to clear obstacles and fostered collaboration and efficiency in the team.
NodeJS / ExpressJS AWS Javascript PHP HTML5 ReactJS VueJS CSS3 GIT JSON / REST JQuery SASS Agile MySQL
Independent Consultant

2008 - Present

Specializing in the architecture and build-out of SaaS and traditional web application services.

Co-Founder, VP of Systems and Web Technology

Hitcher Inc., Reston, Va
Jun 2016 - Apr 2018

Hitcher is a new social platform that promotes personal connections and meaningful interaction through shared experiences. At Hitcher I architected, managed, and implemented all web based technologies, as well as backend systems for all platforms.

NodeJS / ExpressJS AWS Javascript HTML5 CSS3 GIT JSON / REST JQuery SASS Agile
Team Lead - Senior Front End Developer

Salsa Labs, Reston, Va
Feb 2013 - Nov 2015

UI/UX team lead in charge of developing the company's enterprise level mobile responsive front-end SaaS offering in AngularJS, Zurb Foundation, HTML5, and CSS3. Target application audience is tuned for the mid to low end non profit advocacy and donation space.

Professional highlights at Salsa Labs included:

  • MV* development with AngularJS
  • Architected the project's UI development structure and base framework
  • Worked heavily with HTML5, SASS/SCSS utilizing CSS3 modernizations, Grunt and Bower.
  • Converted many jQuery only Javascript utilities to AngularJS directives to be used natively in the app, as well constructing wrappers for some that could not be easily converted.
  • Consumption and assisted in design of the platform's REST API.
  • Constructed NodeJS mock API instances for in-development UI communication.
  • Managed a team of four front end developers in a parallel development stratagem, which included developers located locally and abroad.
  • Presented SCRUM sprint demonstrations for the larger development team at the end of each sprint cycle.
  • Trained new developers in the project's standards, schemas and code base to get them productive fast.
  • Worked closely with the senior management team and product manager for task assignment, scheduling, and prioritization.
  • Managed the UI project's Git version controlled repository.
AngularJS NodeJS Javascript HTML5 CSS3 GIT JSON / REST JQuery SASS Agile
Senior Front End Web Developer

Virid, Reston, Va
Feb 2011 - Feb 2013

My responsibilities at Virid included UI/UX construction from a front end web development role to team collaboration taking the UI that was made and integrating it with the company's custom E-Commerce solution. In an average day you will catch me throwing together HTML5/CSS3 templates utilizing several of the most modern HTML frameworks on the market today, such as Zurb Foundation and Twitter bootstrap, utilizing Section 508 Compliance and SEO best practices.

Professional highlights at Virid included:

  • Custom jQuery/javascript plugin creation
  • HTML5/CSS3 utilization
  • Front end team member recipient of a silver DC Addie award for Journey's BBQ 2012 website
  • AJAX/JSON data communication to ASPX, C#, VB backend systems

Websites that I worked on at Virid:

Bakers Shoes
Journeys Shoes
Virid - Revere
Journey's BBQ 2012
Silver DC Addy Award
Johnston & Murphy
Javascript JQuery HTML5 CSS3 MS VSS ASP.NET SASS C# E-Commerce Section 508 Compliance
Technology Lead / Lead Software Engineer

Charlie Company, Falls Church, Va.
Apr 2006 - Jan 2011

Lead technologist for a small, niche marketing firm. Worked with a team of professionals to create and maintain over 30 high-traffic websites that drew millions of visitors per month. Managed system operations, server infrastructure and application development based on business needs. Implemented SEO best practices to achieve ranking in search engine results.

Professional highlights at Charlie Company included:

  • Designed, developed, and launched a custom CMS to handle over 20 data-intensive websites.
  • Overseeing advertising and affiliate sales revenue of over $2 million per year.
  • Developed a social marketing application that increased monthly traffic by 15% after launch.
  • Managed contractors and small team of employees on internal software projects.
  • Maintained the organization’s OpenX ad server and managed advertising campaigns. Designed advertising banners as needed.
  • Fielded data mining requests, social network marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and maintaining Web content as part of daily responsibilities.
SEO PERL HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Apache Linux Wordpress MySQL
Data and Systems Architect

RCN Corporation, Lanham, Md.
Sept 1997 - Dec 2005

Worked independently for the business division of a large internet corporation. I developed software to help the sales and implementation teams efficiently process orders. I also managed a large commercial Microsoft Windows based web hosting platform for business customers.

Professional highlights at RCN included:

  • Designed and developed intranet CRM systems, eliminating paper orders and increasing efficiency.
  • Maintained High Availability (HA) clustered networks of application servers; maintained hardware and software of commercial MS Windows based web hosting platforms of over 30 web servers and SAN storage networks.
  • Developed data migration tools that connected to
  • Collaborated in deciding technological means and feasibility of future software/hardware requirements.
CRM PERL HTML/CSS Networking Javascript Apache Linux Windows Server

Freelance Projects

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Assisted a leading public health non-government organization migrate their micro-websites from Convio to Expression Engine. Also provide XHTML/CSS development, MySQL and PHP programming, and Web template development.

Sepaton: Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery

Developed the user interface for Sepaton, a large enterprise level data backup and recovery company utilizing Zurb Foundation's mobile responsive framework.

Capital Fringe Festival: Show Database

Developed a custom content management system that allowed the staff of a non-profit theater and arts group in Washington, D.C. to update their organizations website and manage the entries on their online event calendar.

John F. Pattie Parent-Teacher Coop Organization

Provide database programming and support to the website of an elementary school's Parent-Teacher Coop Organization. The work included XHTML/CSS/JavaScript, MySQL database programming, and PayPal integration.